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I'm Maddy, and it's a joy to grace your screen. I hope your time here brings beauty and peace to your life.




This session was first featured on The White Wren.

There’s something about winter in wisconsin that prods all families to hunker down and make home the most special place to be. When that necessity intersects with my dear friends Derek and Jessie welcoming the birth of their first child … home then becomes something magical, altogether unworldly. Home is not only the four walls that maintain warmth and hygge, but also the space that surrounds a newborn with the deepest love and joy.

To be welcomed into the home of a newborn is always a great honor as a photographer, for I know this time is tender for both parents and child both. My time with the Strohms left me filling filled up and eager for their babe’s growth in the years to come … winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Portra 800 film processing by PhotoVision

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I'm Maddy, and it's a joy to grace your screen even for a moment. I hope your time here brings beauty & peace to your life.




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