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Why Summer is the BEST Time for Family Photos


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I'm Maddy, and it's a joy to grace your screen. I hope your time here brings beauty and peace to your life.



We all know it: put simply, Milwaukee comes alive in the summer. once the temperatures hit 60 — let’s be honest: 50? — the lakefront is bustling, festivals overtake our calendars, and frozen custard reenters our diet (if it was ever really gone at all).




So why does autumn continue to be the busiest time of year for family photographers in the area? As a Milwaukee-based family photographer, I’m here to make the case that instead of waiting for the first hint of gold to overtake the treeline, you should schedule your annual family photography session while school is still out.

Sure, fall has its beauty. we love the textures of wool scarves, leather boots, and foamy hot cocoa. Shades of espresso and sienna orange complement our cream city brick in a way that is just *chef’s kiss.* But you blink – and it’s gone! One rogue snowfall in mid-October renders the beloved foliage landscape bare … and your dreams of a fall family portrait fall flat like the slushy leaves.

But summer. Summer is all about celebration. Even the trees and gardens are celebrating, yielding scents that tickle our noses on daily stroller walks and lush fields for our littles to play in (we’ll check for ticks later). And if there’s anything a fine art photographer loves, it’s the way that light dances through soft green branches above a joyful family. Can you find a more timelessly playful backdrop for the treasured love of your family unit?

The days are long, the popsicles are cold, and the water parks are open — ready to welcome your kiddos with the open arms of endless entertainment and pruny fingers. 

And thank God for that welcome, right? After a pandemic shut us in our homes for almost 18 months, leaving us struggling through the woes of virtual learning, it’s vacation time. Sure, your daily task lists of caretaking, cooking, and just generally keeping your family alive may not change, but hey – at least you’re doing it with your toes in the sand or breathing in crisp mountain air!

So what is a family photography session if not a celebration of the love, loyalty, and joy you work so hard to build every day? Instead of wrestling with back-to-school schedules, quarterly meetings – not to mention the other families vying last-minute for your favorite photographer’s slot – call up a trusted photographer in July or August for a sun-soaked session where you can breathe in the summer breeze and butter your littles up with a pre-session day at the pool or park.

You only get 18 summers with them at home. Make one more memory that will truly last a lifetime – and beyond – and schedule your summertime family session.

Portra 400 film processing by PhotoVision

Maddy Mallory Photography is a Lexington, Kentucky family photographer with a love for creating fine art family portraits.

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I'm Maddy, and it's a joy to grace your screen even for a moment. I hope your time here brings beauty & peace to your life.




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